torsdag 1 december 2011

Behöver, behöver, behöver

Behöver kraft, energi och inspiration just nu. Kan inte få för mycket av det. Har alldeles för lite. Men mest av allt behöver jag tid. Det eviga problemet...

2 kommentarer:

  1. kraft: i usually use an AC adapter to power my laptop. unless you're talking about a need for the cheese made by the Kraft Company.

    energi: well, you know me --- good ol' coffee, in all its forms, gives me the enegy i need. if i'm feeling especially slow, i go with a double (or even treble!) espresso.

    inspiration: hmmm...maybe a guy with a whip beating a drum? Aldous Huxley always thought peyote was good for inspiration, but, given how easily your stomach gets queasy, that probably isn't for you. heroin was the inspiration of choice for William S. Burroughs, but i wouldn't recommend it. Absinthe worked for Oscar Wilde and other authers found inspiration with marijuana.. but, again, with you, i wouldn't recommend those routes. better to stick with coffee and chocolate. and maybe the guy with the drum and whip! (^.~)

  2. Intresting choices. I'll have to think about that. But then again - chocolate is always a good way to go ;-P So what do you have to say about that last part then? Time?